Study: U.S. Has Most of World’s Affordable Markets

Of 95 major metros worldwide that were recently labeled the “most affordable”; 84 of them are in the United States. read more

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Rental Home Inspection Checklist

A rental home inspection allows you to examine the home’s condition in detail before you rent. It also can protect you from a landlord’s lawsuit alleging that you caused pre-existing damage to the home. read more

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15 Smart Design Choices for Cold Climates (9 photos)

Ice dams, burst pipes, drafty rooms, dangerously slick stairways if you live in a chilly climate, youve probably had to deal with at least one of these problems at some point. Thankfully, there are some design moves that can help you avoid (or at least mitigate) common winter woes…. read more

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Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving Like a Pro (13 photos)

We’ve all admired pictures of perfectly styled open kitchen shelving those neat stacks of dishes are so appealing, and going without upper cabinets promises to bring an airy feel to small spaces. But how practical are open shelves to maintain? What are you supposed to put on them? And where do you… read more

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7 Top-Performing Markets for Rental Returns

Rental properties are allowing investors to build wealth over the long-term while generating monthly income and watching their homes’ values… read more

7 Low-Maintenance Countertops for Your Dream Kitchen (7 photos)

7 Low maintenance countertops for your dream kitchen. #BrianServesNorcal #Realtor #RealEstate #ColdwellBanker read more